– Hawaii–

If you truly want to escape from it all, the island of Lanai’i, which offers only 30 miles of paved road and one village, may be the perfect choice for you. Walk along the Munro Trail for stunning views of the dolphins and then stop for a romantic picnic that offers a stunning view that feel like it is only there for the two of you to marvel.

Getting There

There is no airport in Lanai… in fact, you won’t even find one traffic light on the island! You can access Lanai via ferry from Maui. There are 5 round-trip ferries scheduled daily from Maui to Lanai’s Manele Harbor.


The weather on Lanai tends to be more pleasant and a little drier than the other islands. Temperatures range comfortably between 70 to 85 and it will be rare to be stuck in the rain during your stay on the island, which receives only about 37 inches of rain all year.

Lanai, Hawaii’s Wedding Requirements

Hey, if Bill Gates can get married on the island of Lanai, so can you, right?!?! Photo IDs and marriage applications are required for marrying in Hawaii. Our Romance Experts can help ensure you have all of the proper documentation needed.

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