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10 of the BEST Road to Hana Stops in Maui | LovinAway

10 of the BEST Road to Hana Stops in Maui

10 of the BEST Road to Hana Stops in Maui

It was once said that it is not about the destination, it’s about the journey. Well here at LovinAway, we think it is all about both! When honeymooning on the beautiful island of Maui, there are opportunities everywhere to create your very first adventure as newlyweds. The Road to Hana is a journey that will take you through lush rainforests, botanical gardens, stunning beaches and countless scenic waterfalls. Below are our favorite stops on the Road to Hana, hand-picked by our Hawaiian Romance Experts:

Nakalele Blowhole

Just off of Highway 30 in West Maui, you’ll find this natural wonder, the Nakalele Blowhole. The blowhole is a result of the shoreline deteriorating many years ago, and now every wave that rushes to the shore lets water into the blowhole, causing a “mini eruption” every minute or so! Once there, if you head west on the trail, you will find the Instagram famous, heart-shaped rock! Be sure to take a photo and #LovinAway!

This is one of the best state parks in Maui, and for many reasons! Here you will find the legendary black pebble-sand beach, Pa’iloa Beach. There’s also a naturally made lava arch in the water. Be sure to pack your swim suits and maybe even a picnic lunch!

Wai'anapanapa State Park
Hana Lava Tubes

Roughly 960 years ago, molten lava spewed up from underground flowing down hill towards the ocean, slowly but surely creating the Lava Tube! The lava flowed down for years, the top layer cooled, creating more and more layers and eventually the bottom layer drained out, creating a tunnel! Now this hot-spot has been drawing honeymooners to it for years. You can go through all of the tubes for $10 a person and explore what 960 years of lava can create! #LovinAway!

Twin Falls opened its doors in 1997. Wailele Farm is owned by a family just off of the road that leads to the famous Twin Falls. This is a perfect off road swimming spot with not much of a walk to get there! PLUS there is a little farm stand that has the best sugar cane juice and organic fruit, picked fresh from their farm!  #HealthyHoneymoon

Twin Falls
Pools of 'Oheo' (Seven Sacred Pools)

If you’re looking for beautiful waterfalls, filling natural pools, look no further. This is a popular stop in East Maui. If you’re the type that loves the adrenalin of jumping into water from high up, there are cliffs around the deeper  “plunge pools” that make for a great experience or slo-mo video! Since it is located in a Haleakala National Park, there is a $15 fee to enter the park. If you’re planning on visiting other national parks on the island of Maui, just get the $30 annual pass that allows admission to all parks! Trust us, it’s well worth it!

The Maui Tropical Plantation is the final stop you should make on your trip through the Road to Hana. The mountains are beyond beautiful here! This is the place where you relax, get some delicious food and if you’re still up for it, another adventure. At the Plantation they have Maui Ziplining! #AdventureIsOutThere

Maui Tropical Plantation
Halfway to Hana Stand

Located at Mile Marker #17, the Halfway to Hana Stand is one of the BEST places to stop! Here you will find some of the best snacks to take on the road with you! This is the home of “The Original” Banana Bread that this family-owned business has been making fresh every morning since 1983 – so be sure to buy a loaf or two! To wash down all of the banana bread, get yourself a cup of their famous Shaved Ice! You won’t be disapointed. #FoodieStop

Meet the lush Garden of Eden, where paradise has a whole new meaning. Twenty-six acres of walking trails, flower gardens and coastal views like none other. Here you will be able to distance yourselves from crowds of people and have some pretty great photo opportunities. Make sure you tag us with #LovinAway when you visit!

Garden of Eden
Bamboo Forest

The Bamboo Forest is located along the Pipiwai Trail and is about a mile away from where you park. On the way to the forest, you’ll also find fresh water swimming holes and THE BEST waterfalls in Maui. Our favorite is the 400 foot tall Waimoku Falls, but there is another waterfall that is only 200 feet tall – the Makahiku Falls that has an natural infinity pool at the top! Bring a bag for snacks, water bottles and of course, your swim suits! #BambooForest #Natural