10 Reasons Engaged Couples Should Take An EarlyMoon

10 Reasons Engaged Couples Should Take An EarlyMoon

ABC News and Brides.com claim that the hottest wedding trend is the much needed – EarlyMoon! Right in the midst of the hectic wedding planning, you and your fiance flock to a tropical paradise for a quick getaway in the sunshine. New York City based Wedding Planner, Amy Shey Jacobs recommends “taking one after you’ve booked all of your important vendors like photographer, band, florist, and venue but before you send out your wedding invitations”.

If an EarlyMoon doesn’t sound perfect enough, see below our 10 reasons engaged couples should take an EarlyMoon:

1- Because You Deserve It

It’s not everyday you have to plan a wedding, and we totally understand how overwhelming all the details are. Once you have your important vendors booked such as the venue, florist and caterer, etc – you deserve a break in a tropical paradise with your fiance.

2- You get to reconnect

An EarlyMoon is the perfect opportunity reconnect and remember why you’re marrying your fiance in the first place!

3- Travel is always good for the soul

Weather its those road trips we use to go on as kids or a 3 night getaway in Cancun – travel is always good for the soul.

4- It can be totally affordable!

Your EarlyMoon doesn’t need to be a grand once-in-a-lifetime vacation. It can be as simple as a 4 night all-inclusive getaway in Jamaica. Plus with LovinAway’s flexible payment options, you can pay off your EarlyMoon at your own convenience

5- You get to find out what you like in your vacation

Maybe you went with an Oceanfront room when you later find out that you would rather like a swim-up suite. These are vacation specifics that you only truly figure out when you experience it.

6- You can scout out potential honeymoon locations

Is it a toss between St. Lucia and Aruba? Your EarlyMoon is the perfect opportunity to help you narrow down your dream honeymoon location.

7- It’s the ultimate way of relaxation

Can’t you just imagine a candlelit dinner on the beach, or that romantic couples massage? That beats date night any day.

8- You don’t even have to plan it

You’ve already planned just about everything under the sun from floral arrangements to invitations. That’s why the team of Romance Experts at LovinAway take care of all the planning for your EarlyMoon! Starting with finding the best destination to booking your flights and resort accommodations. Plus, they don’t even charge a fee for their planning services! SCORE!

9- You can save on both your EarlyMoon and Honeymoon

LovinAway has an exclusive offer for their couples where you can save $100 on your EarlyMoon and then they reward you with $150 off on your Honeymoon! That’s $250 in savings that you can put towards other wedding expenses!

10- It’s the perfect excuse to see the world

Traveling for no special occasion is the best reason to travel! Just you and your future husband or wife, roaming the globe and experiencing a once in a lifetime adventure. Is there anything else that could be that perfect?

Ready to start planning your EarlyMoon?

Scientists have proven that the best time to go on your EarlyMoon is 6 months prior to your wedding date. Click below to start planning!