5 Honeymoon Experiences to Consider

5 Honeymoon Experiences to Consider

Everyone has a picture of what their perfect honeymoon would be. Two comfy lounge chairs, a cool drink in your hand, and constant smiles when you say the words “my husband” or “my wife” for the first times. The Romance Experts at LovinAway provide you and your newlywed with honeymoon options as endless as the deep blue Pacific, and go on until you can’t see where the ocean meets the sky. Make time for those long days at the beach, but consider these five unique honeymoon experiences as well.


slide-301. Couples massage on the beach

Rub away that wedding day stress. Indulge yourselves with a long and luxurious couple’s massage on the beach. Go at sunset with the soft and calm waves of the evening, or in the morning before a footprint has even touched the fresh sand.


2. Candlelight dinner for twoslide-22

There’s something special about the glances between newlyweds at a romantic dinner. It’s the little things that count. Make it even more special with a candlelight dinner just for the two of you; freedom from room service yet still private.


3. Order room service

El Dorado Casitas Royale

El Dorado Casitas Royale

Resorts do an amazing job at adding local cuisine options to their room service menu. If you and your honey need some private time, order room service and try at least one local dish! You can even order a bottle of wine for each of you without getting judgmental looks from waiting staff and customers. Go ahead and drink that whole bottle— wine not?


4. Read a relaxing or steamy novel

Sandals ResortsFor flights and those long days spent at the beach, you’ll need a good novel between naps. To make it more fun, try to find a book that sparks both of your interests and read it together. If reading isn’t your thing, unwind from the day by listening to a book together instead of turning on the TV. The sexy story will be way more intimate than the local evening news.




5. Book an excursion – jump into your new life togetherromantic_getaways_2

While sleeping under the sun all day sounds sensational, try to plan at least one adventurous excursion. Try scuba diving, zip lining through the jungle, horseback riding, or even skydiving. Get your heart racing with the one you love. Our Romance Experts at LovinAway can book your excursion in advance, or you can book right at the hotel! Keep an eye out for Lomas Travel, the friendly faces in teal shirts located near the lobby of most resorts; they can help book your favorite excursion including transportation right from your resort.