Discover The New Unico 20°87° in Riviera Maya

Discover The New Unico 20°87° in Riviera Maya

Discover Rivera Maya’s newest aesthetically pleasing paradise, the Unico 20°87°. Location is at the heart of the Unico 20°87°. That’s why they put the latitude and longitude of the region in the hotel name – 20°N 87°W. The hotel was designed specifically for the active and adventurous travelers that want to immerse themselves in the culture of their surroundings. Given its breathtaking beachfront location in Riviera Maya, they hand-crafted a true Mayan experience for their travelers.

Unico 20°87° opens its doors to the world March of 2017, but don’t worry, the LovinAway team has all of the insider details so we can begin planning your Unico 20°87° getaway today!

Rooms & Suites at Unico 20°87°

The accommodations at Unico 20°87° are inspired by the Riviera Maya’s rich culture. They include many natural and handmade materials sourced from other Mayan cities that gives your room all the more character than your typical hotel suite. Your stay includes a personalized local host, available 24-hours a day to provide you anything from room service to delicious cocktails giving you an added level of personalized service to your stay!

Weddings at Unico 20°87°

Be one of the first couples to tie the knot in Rivera Maya’s newest paradise! Unico 20°87° brought in the renowned wedding planner, Marylen Exposito to design wedding packages that are filled with personalized details and artful touches inspired by Mayan Culture. For more information on wedding packages for your future Destination Wedding, reach out to one of our Romance Experts!

The Unico 20°87° Experience

Unico 20°87° redefined the meaning of all-inclusive. It all starts with their unlimited fine dining at their 5 restaurants and six bars, all boasting with flavor and variety. Your Unico 20°87° stay also includes unlimted…

  • Golf
  • Beauty Salon Treatments
  • Spa Treatments
  • Select Signature Tours in the Riviera Maya


All you have to do is pay a 20% fee on whichever you choose! This is an amenity that hardly any resorts in the world offer! So do it, swim with the turtles, get the massage and eat the cake. It’s your vacation, you can do whatever you want.

Signature Tours at Unico 20°87°

Mayan Village & Tankah Cenote

Discover the magic of ancient Mayan traditions from a local Mayan community surrounded by unspoiled nature – then begin your adventure. Zip line across lagoons and embrace the sky as your soar between the trees of the stunning rainforests of Riviera Maya. Then, explore whats on the water by canoeing across lagoons and rivers where you surround yourself in nature like non-other. Lastly, dive into the crystal clear nature pools between the rainforests. All part of your Unico 20°87° experience.

Curated Tulum Adventure

Included with your resort experience is the opportunity to explore the Mayan fortress of Tulum.  Located on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, it stands on a bluff facing the rising sun looking out on views of the Caribbean that are nothing less than spectacular. Explore the beautiful reefs of the Caribbean and snorkel the day away! We don’t want to give too much away, so it’s time for you to discover the rest.

Mystical Cenotes

Cenote means natural water pit, and located just off of Rivera Maya, you will discover all of the fresh water beneath the limestone and be nothing but amazed. You will get a chance to wander within the rainforests and observe all of the wildlife around you. Explore the natural caves and just get lost in beauty of the cenotes of Rivera Maya. All included in your Unico 20°87° experience.

Sunset Sailing & Vino Tour at Unico 20°87°

Take your romantic getaway on the water! Unico 20°87° has created their own private Sunset sailing via catamaran on the rich blue Caribbean. Indulge in the delicious cuisine and signature wines as you gaze into the sunset. All included with your Unico 20°87° Experience.

Ready to Start Planning your UNICO 20°87° Getaway?

Be one of the very first to travel to the Unico 20°87°, the doors open on March 1, 2017! Our Romance Experts are all highly trained in the new Unico 20°87° and can begin planning your upcoming Honeymoon, Destination Wedding or Romantic Escape today! Call us, email us, hit us up via online chat or click the button below to begin planning and one of our Romance Experts will reach out to you!

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