Your Bucket List Bungalows are finally here!

Your Bucket List Bungalows are finally here!

For years, couples planning their perfect romantic getaway all started with Pinterest, finding gorgeous photos of over-water suites in Bora Bora making couples drool at having this dream vacation that one day they hope to afford. Now, the El Dorado Maroma in Riviera Maya has created their own rendition of over-water suites called Palafitos, the very first of their kind in Mexico at a lower price than other leading bungalows and undoubtedly, more amenities that I am here to tell you all about.

What is a Palafito?

Palafitos (a.k.a stilt or pile house) are designed to make your happily ever after all the more memorable but now with a Gourmet All-Inclusive twist! Every Bungalow offers extraordinary views of spectacular sunrises and stunning sunsets uniquely situated just off the sugary white sands of Maroma Beach!

Each Palafito suite features:

  • Glass bottom floors
  • Private infinity pool
  • Direct ladder access to the ocean
  • The romantic “Aguas del Amor” outdoor shower
  • Indoor Jacuzzi for two
  • Spacious deck with lounge chairs

Special Services & Amenities:

Imagine the luxury of having your very own butler service there to cater your every need from those dinner reservations, packing and unpacking, or even dedicated delivery of gourmet appetizers and drinks, wherever you are on the resort.

  • Serve in-bugalow full breakfast daily
  • Serve pre-dinner drinks and gourmet bites
  • Dressing service before dinner

Not only are Palafito guests welcome to all of the El Dorado Maroma amenities such as restaurants, bars, and entertainment. Palafito guests have a private spa and restaurant and wine bar just for them!

Overwater Grill & Wine Bar

Their open kitchen/grill prepare memorable menu creations inspired by the crystal turquoise sea and its beautiful surroundings. You can go to this restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

If you are not familiar with the Gourmet Inclusive dining experience that all Karisma properties has to offer, click the link below! This Gourmet Inclusive experience is perfect for foodies and travelers that take pride in what they eat!

Overwater Naay Spa

Last but certainly not least, Palafito guests have private access to their very own spa! The spa follows ancient Mayan principles of Earth, Wind, Fire and water in the perfect balance, being over the ocean like no other spa in Mexico!  They have their signature treatments that include “Maroma’s Sea Moss”, found only in the Caribbean which is high in antioxidants and detoxifying powers! This is the perfect place for rejuvenation and revitalization!

How do you book an over-water Palafito getaway?

You’re in luck! The Palafitos’ grand opening is September 1, 2016 and LovinAway is one of the select few Travel Agencies in the United States to reserve these over-water Suites! We have an excellent relationship with the El Dorado Maroma and the whole Karisma Hotel group providing you top notch expertise, VIP amenities and much much more! Get in touch with one of our dedicated Romance Experts – we would love to tell you more about this out of this world experience!