Steps for Planning the Perfect Destination Wedding

Steps for Planning the Perfect Destination Wedding

There are many overwhelming questions that will engulf your mind when beginning to plan your destination wedding. But there’s no need to become a bundle of stress – the Romance Experts of LovinAway have you covered with all the steps to planning the perfect Destination Wedding!

How to Plan the Perfect Destination Wedding:

Step 1: Start the planning with a Romance Expert

LovinAway is a Romance Travel Agency that plans countless Destination Weddings a year – with the help of their dedicated Romance Experts! Their team of Romance Experts are your own Destination Wedding planners that are your guide to this whole process. From finding a destination, to picking the best resort and then taking care of all the travel arrangements for you, your future spouse and your guests! Here’s the best part: they don’t even charge a fee! They make a commission from the airlines and hotels for providing their service to you and your guests. So, if you had a wedding planner in your wedding budget, you can scratch that off the list right now because you now have one!

Step 2: Pick a Destination

This step shouldn’t be as daunting as it sounds! LovinAway plans Destination Weddings in Mexico, the Caribbean and Hawaii, simply because they are the most popular for couples to get married at. Something to consider is the time it takes to get to your desired destination. One favorite for many couples is Cancun/Riviera Maya, Mexico. You can fly nonstop from most major airports and the flight is relatively quick, see below.

  • Chicago: 3 hours and 45 minute
  • Denver: 3 hours
  • Baltimore: 2 hours and 45 minutes.
  • Atlanta: 1 hour and 35 minutes

Step 3: Pick a Resort

Unlike the typical hometown weddings, where you send your guests a selection of resorts nearby you want all of your friends and family on the same property. Most resorts include beautiful ceremony and reception locations where your guests don’t have to worry about getting transportation from getting from point A to point B. The Romance Experts at LovinAway have direct contacts with all of their preferred resorts in Mexico, Caribbean and Hawaii and can provide group rates and wedding packages for you. BONUS: LovinAway has exclusive amenities with their preferred resorts such as comped room nights or complimentary cocktail receptions! (It’s totally about who you know.)

View LovinAway’s Preferred Resorts

Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Step 4: Send out your Save The Dates

Destination, check. Resort, check. Now it’s time for you to let your friends and family know when and where you are getting married. On your Save the Dates would be LovinAway’s contact information and your Destination Wedding website address. On your Destination Wedding website would be your Romance Expert’s contact information and a form for your guests to fill out to make their reservations to attend your wedding. When your guests have questions, you just refer them to your Romance Expert, they’ll take care of all the nitty-gritty details so you can actually enjoy your engagement.

Step 5: Begin planning the ceremony and reception

Each of LovinAway’s preferred resorts offers multiple areas for your ceremony and reception. Your Romance Expert and the wedding coordinator at the resort will go over different options with you to make your day all the more memorable. They will also provide go over color schemes, dinner menus, cocktail hour options and pretty much everything under the sun pertaining to your Destination Wedding on property.

Step 6: Plan group excursions and/or a welcome party

A lot of couples like to plan excursions for the whole wedding party to go on such as zip-lining or snorkeling! Your Romance Expert can provide options for group tours and make all the reservations that are needed. But don’t let the fun stop there, when you arrive in destination with all of your guests, throw a welcome party on the beach or sky terrace to kick off the wedding celebration! It’s the best way to welcome both sides of the family together, dancing, laughing and just having a great time in paradise.

Step 7: The grand arrival

You and your guests will arrive in paradise, and you will then all the excitement gets real. Should any of your guests need any assistance during destination, the LovinAway team is available to take care of any bumps in the road during travel. But now your time has come, and now let love take care of all the rest as you tie the knot in paradise. Just like that, you and your spouse will live happily ever after!

Ready to start planning your Destination Wedding in paradise? LovinAway’s Romance Experts are available by phone, email, online chat and are ready to begin planning your happily ever after. To begin planning click the button below!