Surprising Perks of a Destination Wedding

Surprising Perks of a Destination Wedding

As Destination Weddings continue to grow in popularity, more and more couples are considering it as an option, and why not? Not only do you get to take a vacation, but so do your guests, and the added stress of hometown planning is take out of the equation. Those aren’t the only perks of a wedding hundreds (or even thousands) of miles away. From getting more value for your dollars to a few extra days to party with loved ones, these popular perks might just convince you to pack your dress and suits for a dream wedding smack dab in the middle of paradise.

Neutral Territory

Home may be where the heart is, but it’s not where you have to say “I do.” Most couples today don’t live in the town they grew up in, due to college and new jobs. And on top of that, all of your college friends moved across the country, your fiance’s parents live on the coast and your parents and siblings are spread out all over the globe. Having a destination wedding can bring all of these people together in one location that is a neutral territory for all to celebrate.

More Bang For Your Buck

The average wedding the U.S. today costs $35,329, rising as high as $78,464 in larger cities like New York City and Chicago. Instead of shelling out a fortune for the venue, the flowers, the rehearsal dinner, the food and everything else, why not pay just once for everything? Most destination weddings venues charge one cost for everything, from the venue to the planner to the flowers. Plus, the cost is often less than a regular venue, giving you more band for your buck.

More Time To Party

A destination wedding is a great way to celebrate with friends and family for more than just two or three hours at the reception. Many couples often say that once their wedding day is over, they wish it could have lasted longer. With a destination wedding, you and your guests can celebrate for multiple days and enjoy a vacation as well. Plus, this gives you a chance to have more wedding-related parties, like bridal brunches and post-ceremony dinners.

More Inclusive Incentives

Many resorts offer a test drive pre-wedding visit for couple to see the resort and wedding decor options, speak with the on-site wedding coordinator and even pick out the reception menu! Resorts also commonly offer incentives and credits for the wedding couple and for each guest who attends. In addition, most resorts have on-site wedding planners to handle every little detail before and during the ceremony.

Postcard-Worthy Locations

From a white sandy beach overlooking turquoise blue waters to the jaw-dropping roof-top sky weddings, destination weddings offer the opportunity for you to have the world as your backdrop. Work with your Romance Expert to determine the best location for you and your fiance, your budget and your ultimate dream wedding.

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