Unico 20°87° – A Poolside Paradise

Unico 20°87° – A Poolside Paradise

One question I always ask my couples looking to book their romantic getaway is whether there are a “beach person” or a “pool person”?  I sometimes feel ashamed to say that I’m more of a “pool person”. Don’t get me wrong. There’s something to be said about a relaxing walk on the beach and then heading for the tides for a bit, but at the end of the day the pool will always be my spot.

On my recent visit to the brand new UNICO 20°87°, I stayed true to my poolside ways.  When I began writing this, I thought I would give an overview of this amazing, adults only and all-inclusive resort in Riviera Maya, but I realized that the true shining stars of this resort were most definitely their pools.

One problem that I run into, being a “pool person”, is that I don’t like to get up too early. This means that I won’t always get the best spot by the pool when I actually get my day going. At UNICO 20°87° still the earlier you’re up, obviously, the better spot you will get. However, there are so many different “spots” at the pool that you should have no trouble at all finding your spot with out getting up at the crack of dawn. The resort faces the ocean and wraps around its two main pools, named appropriately enough La Unico Pools, that sit adjacent to each other. Both pools are large, multi-layered and have little nooks and secluded areas around every corner with plenty of privacy.

At UNICO 20°87°, you will find a variety of seating around both pools. From standard chairs and lounge chairs around the pool’s edge, to the lounge chairs that sit in the very shallow part of the pool. There are even beach beds situated on their own little platforms like an island in the middle of the pool. They have those circular day beds with comfy pillows and love seats in the water on their own peninsulas. Oh, and you can even claim one of their several cabanas that could totally seat about 6 people comfortably. Trust me, at the pool there really is something for everyone.

The first thing that I noticed when I arrived to the pools was that they have black tiled floors. This dark color draws more heat from the sun to the pools, making them more efficient and saving tons of energy and resources! The temperature was perfect; a nice cool plunge to cool off and refresh without having you do the whole, dip your toe and get used to the water. If you’re ready, the pool is ready. I even liked the texture of the pool! It provided a little more grip when you’re running to your nearest swim-up bar.

These are that type of pool that you hate to leave to get lunch or grab a quick snack. Luckily, you truly don’t have to leave the pool. The wait staff provides their guests with a full lunch menu ranging from your popular poolside snacks to delicious meals. This isn’t your, choose the nachos, a burger or some chicken tenders menu – were talking about authentic, well prepared meals made from the incredible chefs at UNICO 20°87°. The first day, I went for the fresh, fish of the day. The presentation was almost as good as the meal, the waiter brings your food out on these cool teak wicker folding trays, as if we were having breakfast in bed, with linen napkins and real silverware. Classy. The meal was outstanding! The fish was a whole white fish fried with a light coating and cooked to perfection, and I also ordered the filet that was so tender I honestly could have cut with a butter knife!

La Unico Pool #1 is closest to the beach, has the ever popular swim-up bar, and tends to be the busier pool – for good reason! This pool gives a lot more of a beach-like feel to it.

La Unico Pool #2 is farther in from the beach, but just as big and easily accessible with more of a resort feel to it. Near this pool you will find a wood-fire pizza station where you can get your own personal pizza prepared right in front of you, and a full bar and restaurant as well!

Don’t be surprised if you see a unicorn, alligator or horse floating in the pool, UNICO 20°87° has several of these large blow up rafts for the “grown ups” to use during their time in the water. Throughout the day you will see a couple young gentlemen strolling along the pools with their cool little “craft cocktail cart” serving the refreshing and innovative cocktail of the day.  Their visit is also a great excuse to start getting to know the people around you, I tend to keep to myself at the pool but when the “cocktail cart” shows up I’m buying a round and everyone is having a good time.

The third pool, La Escondida Pool, is known as the quiet pool and it is located on the south side of the resort.  This area also has a bar and pool-side menus but is extremely quiet, as a matter of fact too quiet. Okay maybe too quiet for me, I like to hang out and talk, therefore I don’t think I’d last longer than 15 minutes. But if you want a nice, relaxing area to plug your headphones in and/or read a book in the sunshine, this area is perfect for you.

My Wife, Monica and I at Mura House. The Asian restaurant at UNICO 20°87°.

All pools are as fun or chill as YOU want, no one in your face asking to play volleyball, water olympics, pool pong, etc.  Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of fun to be had at the pool but it happens organically without any pressure to participate. This is your getaway, you do what you want to do. My past getaway to UNICO 20°87° made me even more of a “pool person” than ever before.

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