What Every Bride-To-Be Should Be Thankful For

What Every Bride-To-Be Should Be Thankful For

Before you continue to stress about the small details and remaining DIY projects for your big day, take a moment to step away from the planning and acknowledge all of the things to be thankful for during this beautiful season! Aside from the usual fiancé, family and friends you are grateful for, remind yourself to be thankful for some of the smaller things.

#1: The plethora of planning tools at your disposal.

Can you imagine trying to envision your ceremony or reception without inspiration from Pinterest? Or not having access to a convenient Wedding checklist like the one found on Here Comes the Guide?  Thankfully, someone else was innovative enough to help eliminate the haunting questions of “What’s next?”

#2: DIY projects that are actually feasible.

Everyone loves to save a little bit of money. There’s no better way to do so than finding some inexpensive DIY projects that come with simple to follow instructions. Grab some glue and lace and create a beautiful banner that your guests will think were made to order. Better yet, create a “Thank You” banner that can be placed at your gift table and then later used in photos for your thank you cards. How couldn’t you be grateful for a project that serves a double purpose?!

#3: The traditional wedding rules you can break.

Without batting an eye, today’s modern bride can opt out of the traditional guidelines of weddings. It is no longer expected for a bride to wear a white dress or carry a simple bouquet down the aisle. Today we are now seeing pops of color in a bridal belt or along the trim of a veil. Bouquets now seem to be more organic or composed of brooches. And alongside the bride, you’ll see bridesmaids who aren’t in the same dress or even matching colors.

#4: Honeymoon Registries.

LovinAway recognizes that today’s couples don’t often need kitchen supplies or household appliances, so our honeymoon registry provides a fresh, new option. Our brides are able to place some complimentary registry cards into her bridal shower invites, and her guests then have the option to gift towards their well-deserved honeymoon.

#5: Unique venues.

New venues are now opening their doors for your big day. Some current trends include barns, theatres and museums. If there is a location that is meaningful to you as a couple, it’s probably a safe bet that they would be willing to work with you to host you and your guests. Are you an animal lover or bookworm? Talk to your local zoo, aquarium or library.