What is a “Charter Flight”?

What is a “Charter Flight”?


When planning your destination wedding, honeymoon or romantic escape, you often want to get to paradise as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. A charter flight may be the best option for you! Here are some of the answers to your quick questions about charter flights to paradise.

“What is a charter flight?”


A charter flight is when a major tour operator, such as Funjet Vacations, purchases seats or even an entire plane to popular vacation destinations like Mexico and the Caribbean. Tour operators work with only The Best airlines for their charter services, so you can rest assured the aircrafts are safe, comfortable and have all the modern day amenities that most of the scheduled airlines offer. In addition, there are other great benefits of purchasing a charter flight, including:

  • Non-stop flights to Mexico & the Caribbean
  • Competitive pricing
  • Additional airline benefits that vary from included free checked baggage, free WiFi and even free alcoholic beverages

Are charter flights more expensive?


Typically not.  By purchasing the air seats at a bulk rate and bundling with a resort stay, tour operators like Funjet Vacations can typically negotiate a lower price.  LovinAway works directly with Funjet Vacations to provide our couples air and hotel packages at a lower rate than booking it all separately.  Best of all, these prices are equal or better to what you can typically find online and saves you the time and hassle of researching. 

Bonus:  Working with a Romance Expert at LovinAway gives you more than just our top notch expertise, we can provide stuff like VIP amenities, complimentary room upgrades or transfers, and hard-to-get dinner reservations. Why you ask? Because we truly care about our passengers!

Where do charters fly to?


Charter flights are available to popular vacation destinations in Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America from a variety of airports across the country, including:

  • Baltimore

  • Chicago – Ohare

  • Denver

  • Minneapolis

  • Boston

  • Cincinnati

  • Kansas City

  • St. Louis

  • Chicago – Midway

  • Dallas/Fort Worth

  • Milwaukee

Destinations vary by airport, so let a LovinAway Romance Expert work with you to provide the best options from your city.  If there is not a charter flight listed from your city, our Romance Experts can work with you to find the quickest and most cost-effective route on all major airlines.

“So how do I book?”

It’s time to start planning! Our Romance Experts are here to take care of all of the details. Think of us as your personal honeymoon or romantic escape planners! Your dream vacation in paradise is only a click away, so let’s start planning!